for International Training Course on Botanical Garden Development and Management

I. Basic information of applicant

If yes, please specify:
Language Proficiency
English Proficiency (Please tick)

II. Insurance

III. Expenses

  • Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden WILL cover the following expenses:
    1. Training and education expenses in China
    2. Accommodation in China
    3. Meal (refers to the meals served by the organizer) in China
    4. An accident insurance during the course
  • We DO NOT cover the following expenses:
    1. Visa fee and transit visa fee
    2. Local transportation within your country
    3. Medical bill for chronic disease, beauty jobs, massage, and false teeth planting, etc.
    4. Local transportation expenses for activities not organized by the organizer
    5. Accommodation & meals during the international flight
    6. The fee for rescheduled flight due to personal reason
    7. Allowance
  • We MAY cover the international flight (refers to the round trip air tickets from your capital city to Shanghai and the way back). It depends on if your financial assistance of international travel is accepted or not.

Ⅳ. Other materials